N.E.R.D – Seeing Sounds

30 06 2008

Let’s clear something out. I really like this band and basically have all their albums and so on.
Also i think that “In Search Of…” is/will become a classic hip-hop album.

And then there’s Seeing Sounds , released on the 8th of June.
I picked it up a few days ago. Here’s a preview :

The sound is definitely branded Williams-Hugo.
There are some very good tracks :Time For Some Action, Spaz, You Know What, with their unique groves.

As for the rest i think these guys were blowing a lot of steam in the making of this record and ended up in the drum’n’bass ballpark more often than not.

I’m not saying it’s a bad album, but the Neptunes don’t need a guest MC to make a good album.
And if they really want one, they have to dig a little deeper to find someone that lyrically matches them.
If anything, if they really want an MC, how about someone from Clipse. The bonding has been made years go.

I got a positive vibe overall but i yet believe they did not succeed in finding that blend rock/hip-hop they seem to have been looking for.




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