New Track

2 07 2008

It had been a few months since i fully finished properly synthing, arranging and closing up any audio tracks at all.
Creative block.
Well, yesterday it stopped. The result is a chillout/easy-listening tune with few nordic ambience features.
As a first track after ages, it’s quite slow (90 bpm), i think it just helps me ease back into it.
The track is named Stina, after an icelandic friend of mine.

Here goes it-




3 responses

16 08 2008

Nice track. I found your site while searching for a Zoneminder memory error, your advice worked. Then I noticed your tags included music terms so I check out the ambient tag, and found this track.

I have a small blog sharing linux fixes I have worked through, at

16 08 2008

Well thank you. 😉
Took a loot at ur site, i like it.

You’re on my blogroll now, of course if you don’t mind.

Best Regards

17 08 2008

Cool, I have added your site to my blogroll. Thanks.

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