Using Python for Symbian from Windows XP through Bluetooth

24 07 2008

Everyday I seem to find more and more ways to play with my E61i.

Python is a extremely powerful language , wich is finding everyday more and more ways to apply itself to the mobile world.

So this is how you would go on about pairing your S60 phone with Windows XP.

The hardware used is Nokia E61i (S60 3rd), Dikom Bluetooth USB dongle, Easynote R0933 with Windows XP on it.

I will be trying this asap on Ubuntu.

Bluetooth is supported natively on XP , but if you don’t have it set up yet, here’s the Broadcom installation file.

After that, PythonS60 is to be installed on the phone. Passed though cable, SD card, etc
Here’s the Sourceforge page.

Once Bluetooth support is installed ( if you needed to ), open the Bluetooth Configuration from the Control Panel:

During the installation process, the setup will help you to pair the devices. Just make sure they’re active.

Now we should create a few COM ports on our BT device, on the Local Services tab , for testing purposes.

This will then reflect itself on the listing:

Open the Windows Hyper Terminal from the Run.. dialog:

Follow the procedure as requested from the dialog. More or less, depending if you already have a Hyperteminal setup or not, the steps for a new connection are as follows.

Choose a name and icon, for this connection.

Choose the COM port that ou want the connection to be placed on. I choose COM7 since it was created for this purpose

On the COM port properties, for my BT device, i found it neccessary to restore defaults and set the Bits per second to 9600

Afterwards all we have to do is wait for an incoming call on this port:

I’m assuming that the Python shell installation file is already on the phone. Installed and working.

We open the shell:

and if all is good it should already start running:

From the Options menu we choose to open the Bluetooth shell:

And choose the same COM port that we choose on the HyperTerminal:

Once this port is choosen, the Python shell from your phone will immediately echo on the Hyperterminal of the computer:

At the very end, without getting too much into it, let’s give the product a shot:




6 responses

27 07 2008

Well , very good tutorial. Is it posible to share the internet connection with this method.
Can you post some basic command.

Best regards.

28 07 2008

Hi there.
Thanks šŸ™‚ as for the adding of the phone to a PAN, i’m currently writing a separate post for that.
Still on Xp, soon to be followed by an Ubuntu one.

23 12 2008

more… more… šŸ˜€

1 01 2009
Sidrit Trandafili

soon, very soon Heru

23 01 2009
Ubuntu, Serial port, Bluetooth console, Nokia E61i, Python « Sid? What is he on about now?

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17 04 2009
Allen Chen

Good tutorial.
I have tried several times but failed. After follow your steps, it is still not able to connect PC serial port. Python shell will collapse after choose bluetooth device on N95. And I think out a solution, must the name of serial port be configured in English language? Try again, oh yes, it is OK now.
Thank you for your tips.

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