Create USB Live distros with UnetBootin

9 08 2008

A couple of days ago in the attempt to install Hardy Heron on an Asus EEE 4G, i needed to create an live usb pendrive , since the computer itself has no cd slots.

There are many resources online on how to do this. Most part of them failed with a Grub error of some sort, perhaps also due to the EEE skittish attitude ;).

Then i came across Unetbootin.Site link

After downloading it and setting permissions to execute:

turns out that the software has a very nice and intuitive interface.
It supports a wide range of distros and versions.

You can choose one and have downloaded and deployed on the pendrive:

Or you can choose an iso already residing on your system , and use that one.
Actually you can even define parameters for an unsupported distribution.

At the end choose your usb drive ( already detected ) and let it work 😉

To be noted actually also the fact you can deploy it on a partition in your system.
This is to be used with a lot of care, but it’s also a very useful function.




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14 08 2008
Define USB

[…] Create USB Live distros with UnetBootin […]

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