Installing Openproj on Ubuntu

10 10 2008

I was looking for a new application to use for project management. Amongst people that i spoke to, and e few web resources OpenProj seemed to be quite a must.

OpenProj by Serena Software is a desktop replacement of Microsoft Project. OpenProj has equivalent functionality, a familiar user interface and even opens existing MSProject files. OpenProj is inter operable with Project, with a Gantt Chart and PERT chart

sourceForge page

Seems to be pretty handy. On it’s SourceForge page though there’s only a .rpm noarch package.
The RPM packet manager is available for Debian-based systems indeed, non the less there are a few complications.

When attempting to install openproj with rpm:

sid@dev:~/Desktop$ rpm -i openproj-1.4-2.noarch.rpm
rpm: To install rpm packages on Debian systems, use alien. See README.Debian.
error: cannot open Packages index using db3 - No such file or directory (2)
error: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm

What’s alien?

Alien allows you to convert LSB, Red Hat, Stampede and Slackware Packages into Debian packages, which can be installed with dpkg.
It can also generate packages of any of the other formats.
This is a tool only suitable for binary packages.

Here goes the installation from the Ubuntu repositories:

sudo apt-get install alien

Afterwards it’s time to convert Openproj from a .rpm package to a .deb one.

sudo alien openproj-1.4-2.noarch.rpm openproj-1.4-2.noarch.deb

Once the package is created, double click on it, to install with the gDebi installer.

Been using it for a few days now, and i must say, i regret not having picked it up earlier.



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20 10 2008
Ala' Abuhijleh

Thanks a lot. It worked for me 🙂

20 10 2008
Sidrit Trandafili

@ Ala’ Abuhijleh

cheers. 😀

29 04 2009

ive downloaded openproj, the deb one. whn trying to install it i got a message to install all these java programs. now when i try to install it using gdebi package installer i just see the time cursor and nothing happens, no installation, no error message, nothing…help

5 05 2009
Sidrit Trandafili

Hey there mc.
which packages were you prompted to install?

try to make an installation from the command line.
dpkg – i path_to_openproj_package_here

and paste the output.

You might want to check the dmesg output or the messages file meanwhile.

Right before you do the dpkg action, open another shell and type:

tail -f /var/log/messages

This will give you live output. Paste that here and we see.

3 12 2009

Thanks a lot Sid … very precise and to the point. Good assistance for anyone trying to install OpenProj on a debian system such as Ubuntu. For those who tried this and it did not work … remember to install java first since OpenProj is dependent on it. Essentially I had MC’s problem listed above. For me I used Synaptic in Ubuntu… just search for Java and install sun-java6-bin. Also, I ran the scripts that were found in the .rpm file (not sure if that made a difference) and I also let alien name the .deb file by using the following …

sudo alien -k –scripts openproj-1.4-2.noarch.rpm

If you have used MS Project and are frustrated with the Project Managers in Linux, I think you will be really pleased with OpenProj.

30 05 2010

Just went to Sourceforge to get the .rpm and I have good news. They have got a .deb package as well now!

17 12 2010

Yuhuuu! .deb package available. he he

5 12 2010

Thank you VERY much for this post. It came through for me. I am still new to Linux, so I didn’t know how to convert the .rpm package to .deb ;).

21 01 2011

Great help! Thanks.

26 02 2011

Thanks, it works directly!


1 08 2011
Doan Thich

Thank’s you very much!

15 03 2012

Thank’s you very much!

19 03 2012


6 09 2012


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