Zend Certification Exam

24 03 2007

As i mentioned in one of my previous posts, i had scheduled to take the Zend Certification on Friday the 23rd of march, which i did.
That date was chosen , not because i could not do it any earlier, but because i could not do it any later. Zend will stop the PHP4 test on the 31st of march 2007.

Of course from the beginning it was a must using the official Study Guide and Practice Tests book,
which seemed to be quite a good deal.

The Study guide covers some of the major topics in php development, starting from the basics and array, strings, pcre, stream programming etc.

The guide contains not too much information, which , cuts both ways. First: you won’t need to much time to go through it. Second: that’s not all the information you will need, to pass the test.

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Expert Rating PHP Certification

15 03 2007

For a while i have been thinking/preparing to take the Zend PHP Certification Exam.
After (finally) booking it (23rd of march), was roaming around on the net, and came across

Checked out their certifications, and decided to take their PHP4 official certification test.

40 questions, 40 minutes
every question has up to 8 answers, one or more of which, could be true.

Not a mean test, but deffinitely not as easy as i thought it would be.
I guess i prejudicated for not being the Zend one.

Passed it with:
Percentile: 79 GPA: 2.8