Nokia E61i synchronization with Evolution on Ubuntu 8.04 via Bluetooth

3 07 2008

For a little bit i had been contemplating implementing a solution to synchronize the data on my NokiaE61i (being contacts, calendars and such) with the Lightning calendar on Thunderbird.

After bashing my head for a few days trying to get blueZync to run correctly and realizing that ScheduleWorld/GoogleCalendar/GnomeCalendar, it’s a bit of a long loop for my private data, made my mind to make a switch i had been thinking of. Evolution.
And also because the latest versions of Thunderbird , which i had carried on using from the Windows days, ate RAM like it had to.

Evolution has a relatively intuitive interface for both Thunderbird, and even Outlook users.
A really nice calendar and a good contact manager. It’s just good software. Period.

It comes preinstalled in the standard distribution of Ubuntu so the only thing to do was set my accounts up on it. The explanation of that goes beyond the scope of this post.

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