Using Python for Symbian from Windows XP through Bluetooth

24 07 2008

Everyday I seem to find more and more ways to play with my E61i.

Python is a extremely powerful language , wich is finding everyday more and more ways to apply itself to the mobile world.

So this is how you would go on about pairing your S60 phone with Windows XP.

The hardware used is Nokia E61i (S60 3rd), Dikom Bluetooth USB dongle, Easynote R0933 with Windows XP on it.

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Fixing GRUB after Windows install

23 07 2008

For me it’s a fact by now. Every time i decide to install WinXP back onto my laptop, something goes wrong. Big time.

After creating a 25 GB partition on my laptop i proceeded into installing Windows Xp Sp2 (which the laptop had preinstalled anyways when i got it).
The installation went smooth enough and as expected the MBR is messed up at this point and the computer boots directly into Windows.

As done a few times before, but still worth mentioning, the procedure in these cases is:

1. Boot the Live CD
2. Open a terminal window and type:

sudo grub

3. On the new prompt:

grub>> find /boot/grub/stage1
the answer in my case (hd0, 0)

4. Proceed

root (hd0,0)
setup (hd0)

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