Hardy On Acer Aspire 3680

9 08 2008

Today did an installation of Ubuntu 8.04 on an Acer Aspire 3680, which up until this point was used as a Windows machine.

Turns out this model too has the Atheros AR5007EG (AR242x ) installed.
The same as the Aspire 5315.

In previous post i had described a fix for this card using ndiswrapper.
The same instructions are valid this time too.

Here’s the link : /hardy-on-acer-aspire-5315/

Removing Bios Hardware Password and Boot Block on Acer Aspire 1360

28 07 2008

Sometimes laptops while still on factory settings have a default password that protects the BIOS and at times even the booting of the machine itself.

If ever in this situation you can send the hardware in one of the maintenance labs , and they will very nicely sort it out for you. The problem is that this costs 75-100 euros + time.

The protection actually is created by a hardware switch ( otherwise they could just tell you the pass right ).

Not too long ago i had to do something of than nature with and acer Aspire 1360.
Took a few pics in the process too , to document it better.

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Hardy on Acer Aspire 5315

30 06 2008

Seems it has been more than a year since the last time i posted.
Ah well, here we go back at it.

These last few days we picked up a few Acer Aspire 5315 from PCCity.
Turns out these had Linpus 9.4 preinstalled. Not being familiar with this distro i politely asked someone from the staff if he knew what distro did this one fork from.

The answers went from Debian (no-no), to Slackware , to Suse.
Actually it turns out it’s Fedora.

Brought them back to the office. The laptops are really nice . Solid looking yet elegant.
Fired up the system to see what this Linpus thing is all about.

KDE based environment. Little too flashy too.
After messing around with it for a bit and figuring out that the Wifi-Radar application (python),
fails if no networks are found, and a few other tricks like this one, decided to start installing software.

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