Frets on Fire with Guitar Hero World Tour (GhWt) on Ubuntu

10 02 2010

The last few days i decided to add another trick to my Media Center (running Ubuntu 9.10) : Play FoF with it.
The guitar that i had was the one from the Metallica Edition , which after reading up and down about it, turns out is of the World Tour (GhWt) breed.

Grabbed the bluetooth adapter, the guitar and the software of the cwiid package: libcwiid1, wminput, wmgui and the python cwiid module.

If you are reading this post you must know by now that the GHWT is not supported by the libcwiid1 found in the repositories.
This leaves as an only option compiling it from source.
The source of version 0.6 can either be picked up from
the old location of the project,
or from
the new location on GitHub

At the end of this post i will post a script for each one of the options since the sources seem to differ.
The version from Github is meant to work as soon as compiled with GHWT. For me, no matter what guitar script i use it did not.
I will anyway present it as an option for the truth’s sake.
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